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Re: man1 or man8?

Thijs Kinkhorst <kink@squirrelmail.org> wrote:
> This isn't 100% clear for every case. Of course, when a package is
> solely useful to the system administrator to do system administrative
> tasks, it should belong in 8, and if it's neither of those it's in 1.
> But there's a lot in between like the examples you mention.

	OK, so according to that, defoma-reconfigure being in man1 (and
/usr/bin) is a bug, because nobody but root can use it?

> As far as your upstream question, I wouldn't deviate from upstream
> unless you have a really convincing argument why the man page placement
> is incorrect. And even then, you'd better try to persuade upstream.

	I should have been more clear I guess. I am upstream in this case,
and I'm about to start writing documentation. Based on your advice I think I
will put it in man8, but install the binaries into /usr/bin, since www-data
should run them for database backup/recovery.


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