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Re: RFS: slurm-llnl and munge

Hello Gennaro,

> A preliminary deb can be found at the following address:
> http://www.na.icar.cnr.it/~oliva/debs/slurm-llnl/

Thanks, I've taken a quick look.

The package is Debian Native, i.e. one tarball which
includes all Debian packaging, instead of an orig.tar.gz + .diff.gz.
Please see this useful posting for details on why not to package
software as Debian-native that isn't really Debian-specific:

debian/README.Debian: this doesn't contain any useful information, so
please remove it.

debian/control: section admin, is that quite correct? I think that
section is more for system administration. Not that I have a good
suggetion for an alternative section though... perhaps 'science'?
Priority, I'd set it to extra since it's quite specialised.

debian/control: The standards-version has recently been updated to
3.7.0, please check your package for it (see the upgrading-checklist in
the debian-policy package) and bring it up to date.

debian/copyright: You're missing some information there, as the template
text still indicates.

debian/docs: You install the file 'DISCLAIMER', but from what I see it
only adds information that's already present in other files? The file
'INSTALL' should not be installed, since it provides instructions that
Debian users will never need (they're using the package).

debian/init.d: not a bug, but a wishlist request: please add
standardised comments to the top of this script to indicate what it is
and what it needs. See other scripts under /etc/init.d for inspriration.

debian/rules: please remove all commented out commands, they add no

> Since slurm can't productively work without munge or authd I ask the
> sponsor to check and consider uploading the package "munge" version
> 0.5-1. A preliminary deb can be found at the following address: 
> http://www.na.icar.cnr.it/~oliva/debs/munge

This one's a Debian non-native package. That's good.

debian/changelog: doesn't have an ITP bug number to close. Is there one?
Then list it. Is there none? Then file it and list it.

debian/control: Short description is "Credentials Service". Could that
be expanded into something a bit more informative? Maybe this is better:
"securely authenticate the UID and GID of another local or remote
process" (taken from long description).

debian/docs: contains a readme for AIX. Not very relevant for Debian.
README.MULTILIB also isn't relevant to someone using packaged software.
Please evaluate the usefulness of documentation before installing it.

See above for standards-version, copyright, munge.init, rules; same
applies here.

I've stopped reviewing your packages at this point because of time

This might seem a bit overwhelming, so I hope I didn't scare you off. If
you need any help in fixing these issues, please don't hesitate to ask.
Good luck!


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