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Re: i18l, gettext and (X)dialog

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 11:52:14PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Xdialog --title "sampleprogi" --screen-center --no-cancel --wrap \
>         --backtitle "Here a text which show $FOO BAR" --fixed-font \
>         --textbox $FILE 30 $DLGW
> this is working fine, but I want the Backtitle i18n.
> So I have tried:
> BACKTITLE=`eval_gettext "Here a text which show \$FOO BAR"`
> Xdialog --title "sampleprogi" --screen-center --no-cancel --wrap \
>         --backtitle "$BACKTITLE" --fixed-font \
>         --textbox $FILE 30 $DLGW

What do you want to achieve?  Is the value of the variable already translated,
or untranslatable?  Or should the string be translated including the
substituted value?  In the latter case, you should remove the \ before the $.

What string should eval_gettext see as its argument?  You need to make sure
that it gets that.

> Xdialog --title "sampleprogi" --screen-center --no-cancel --wrap \
>         --backtitle "`eval_gettext \"Here a text which show \$FOO BAR\"`" \
>         --fixed-font --textbox $FILE 30 $DLGW

This gives eval_gettext several arguments instead of one, which is very
unlikely to be what you want.  Also, you actually give the quotes to it, which
also doesn't seem to be what you want.

A good way of debugging this is by using echo instead of eval_gettext.  It
will show you exactly what string is given to it.

I hope this helps,

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