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RFS: libopenobex (1.2-2) and obexftp (0.19-2)


both packages are already in the archive and I am already the maintainer of 
both (source) packages.

However, my sponsors for each of the packages didn't react upon my "please 
upload" mails for quite some time now.

The (signed) packages can be found at
ready for apt-get source or whatever access is prefered.

For libopenobex, it fixes #359061, #359201 and #359026.
For obexftp, it now uses the new libopenobex and supports quite some more 
models (e.g. Nokia USB access).

Maybe someone is willing to sponsor those packags.

Thanks a lot.

Hendrik Sattler

PS: Please CC me as I am not subscribed.

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