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Re: RFS: scim-bridge--Yet another gtk-immodule for scim

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在 星期三 12 四月 2006 17:00,Ben Finney 写道:
> Thanks for your work to package software for Debian.
Thank for your kindly comment , I've rewrite it ,and reuploaded .
> On 12-Apr-2006, Hou ZhengPeng wrote:
> > Description: Another gtk-immodule of SCIM
> >  Scim-bridge is yet another gtk-immodule for SCIM.
> >  It communicates with scim over sockets,and the DLL
> >  loaded by applications is written in pure C.You can
> >  use this to avoid the problem caused by C++ ABI
> >  transition.
> Just some notes on this description.
> The short description should not start like the beginning of a
> sentence, but rather like a clause in the middle of a sentence. In
> the case of this description, that means "don't start with a capital
> letter".
> I suggest a short description like this:
>     Description: another input method module for SCIM
> You should also help the reader understand what the package is about,
> even if they don't know what SCIM, IM, GTK are. At least give enough
> information so they know whether they don't need it.
> Implementation details like "written in pure C", or even
> implementation non-details like "not using C++", are not too useful in
> the package description.
> Capitalisation is important for the common name of the package. Given
> that it's related to SCIM, it's unlikely to be "Scim-bridge". It's
> probably either "SCIM-bridge" or "scim-bridge".
> Please note that English punctuation has rules about spaces,
> especially whether space is required or forbidden before or after the
> mark. For a comma, the important rule is "no space before, one space
> after". For a sentence-ending full-stop, the important rule is "no
> space before, at least one space after".
> I suggest a long description like this:
>     scim-bridge is yet another IM (input method) module for SCIM. It
>     communicates with SCIM over sockets, and is designed to be small
>     and simple.
>     .
>     SCIM is the Smart Common Input Method, a common platform for
>     allowing input of complex characters not easily available on
>     latin-character keyboards.
> That "designed to be small and simple" is just my interpretation of
> all the implementation-specific stuff; you may prefer something else,
> but make sure it's targeted to the potential *user* deciding whether
> to install the package.

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