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Re: howto pack python programs

On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 04:33:37PM +0200, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Hi Mentors,
> I'm currently working on a program written in python. The source-tree
> looks like this:
> foo.py
> bar.py
> baz.py
> ex1.py
> ex2.py
> ex3.py
> where ex*.py are executables and the others not. My question is, where
> to put all these files and what should I do with the executables?
> My current idea is:
> - copy all *.py into /usr/share/$PACKAGE/
> - create symlinks like
>   /u/s/p/ex1.py <- /usr/bin/ex1.py
>   /u/s/p/ex2.py <- /usr/bin/ex2.py
>   /u/s/p/ex3.py <- /usr/bin/ex3.py
> Is the location /usr/share/$PACKAGE OK?
Looks good to me.

> Should I create the symlinks
> without the py-extension, like:
>   /usr/bin/ex1 -> /u/s/ex1.py
The suggestion is that stuff in /usr/bin/ shouldn't have an extension
on it, in case the implementation (but not the interface or behavior)
changes.  So /usr/bin/foo.sh might get rewritten as /usr/bin/foo.pl,
which is a pain for people who hardcoded foo.sh into their scripts
(whether they're scripts for Debian or not).  /usr/bin/foo is

> Next problem, lintian is complaining (W) about non-executable scripts in
> /usr/share/$PACKAGE -- can I ignore this?
If it is meant to be run directly, then it should be executable;
otherwise, it should not.


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