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Re: RFS: fast-user-switch-applet: applet for the GNOME panel providing a menu to switch between users

On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 00:35 +0100, Julien Valroff wrote:

> I am looking for a sponsor for fast-user-switch-applet, an applet for
> the GNOME panel providing a menu to switch between users.
> This package is now part of GNOME 2.14, and should thus be sponsored by
> a member of the GNOME team.

Shouldn't you contact them directly? They probably even have a package
already prepared in SVN. Their list is here:


Some comments:

      * debian/changelog: since this is the first debian release,
        probably best to strip it back to one changelog entry that
        closes the ITP.
      * debian/control: add the homepage in the manner described by the
        developers reference section 6.2.4
      * debian/compat: using version 4 would help people who may want to
        backport gnome 2.14 to sarge (and upload to backports.org)
      * AUTHORS: redundant, no need to install it - debian/copyright
        contains that info
      * README: please strip bits that are irrelevant for people using
        binary packages. Might want to ask upstream to split it into
        separate files
      * might also want to install HACKING
      * debian/copyright: You seem to ignore some of the copyright
        notices in the .po files and even the source
        code?!! ./src/applet.c especially. Please do a proper
        debian/copyright file by using mc and grep to find all copyright



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