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debconf; unattended package installation; lvm2.

1) debconf talks about setting {false,true} flags to questions. Does the set of possible
     flags predefined or can I invent a flag of my own? For example, can I have an  
     "install the package unattendedly" flag?

2) The lvm2 deb doesn't have a config file in the sense of debconf config file. What 
     subtle reasons might be for the lack of that file?

3) The lvm2 deb uses

        if ! dpkg --compare-versions $(uname -r) ge '2.6.12'; then
          db_fset lvm2/kernel seen false
          db_input critical lvm2/kernel || true
          exit 1

    This prevents creating an nfsroot automatically here, since the machine on which the nfsroot  
    is installed uses an older kernel version. In case upgrading the kernel is not acceptable, what
    other solutions are there?
     I thought about asking the lvm maintaner to add a low priority debconf question about 
    unattended installation with a default of  "false". The critical question from above would not be
    displayed when unattended installation would be set to "true". In that way only users that
    install unattendedly and know what they are doing would set it to "true". Am I right?
    Am I correct  that adding an unattended flag to the critical question won't  help becuase one
    can not have a default value for a flag?

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