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/etc/conf not installed

I am trying to repair the libgpiv package I've build. The
libgpiv_0.3.2-1_i386.deb contains a configuration file /etc/gpiv.conf,
as reported by dpkg -c. Extracting the .deb to tmpdir/ (with dpkg -x)
gives tmpdir/etc/gpiv.conf, as expected. However, dpkg --install .deb or
installing with: "apt-get install libgpiv" (after uploading in a local
repository) does not install this file. On the other
side, /usr/lib/libgpiv.so is perfectly installed. The gpiv.conf file is
pointed by debian/libgpiv.files. I also tried to include it in
debian/conffiles, in order to warn in case of an upgrade. Can somebody
give me a hint where I have to look at or to search for in order to
repair this bug? Thanks, Gerber
URL http://gpiv.sourceforge.net
Main Gpiv developer: software for Particle Image Velocimetry
pnupg key id: ID D39A2B64

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