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Re: C Tutorial ?

Hallo Michelle,

* Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> [2006-03-17 18:48]:
> Since I am using Debian GNU/Linux since 1999 (Slink, 2.1)
> successfuly, my four daughters (17, 14, 12 and 7years) too...
> Now Laila (14) want to start coding in C and GTK and she need
> really good tutorials (with real examples).  OK, we have found
> allready "libgtk2.0-doc" which is perfectl written.
> Does anyone know, where to find a C tutorial like the "gtk2.0",
> "selfhtml" or "selfphp"?

For the future, since this is not -mentors (in debian) 
related, can you please ask questions like this in 
de.comp.alt.c or something similar?
Same for your lib-question on -devel.
Regards Nico
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