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Re: C Tutorial ?

also sprach Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> [2006.03.20.1551 +0100]:
> What she want is "real" programming under Linux.

What's that? Somehow I am disturbed by the general tendency to
assume that for anything to be real in the Unix world, is has to be
aged. For me, real references the real world, and there I'd surely
never choose to do C again unless I had to.

> Her IQ is around 240%

Right. No surprise with you as her mother, of course.

> To give her stuff, I have allready told her this.  She find it cool,
> to code one source wich can run on 12 architektures.  We have found
> some documentation about coding stuff portabel but it was nor realy
> easy explained..


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