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Re: Regarding co-maintaining a package

On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 01:06:42PM +0530, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> Hello! I wanted to know what the procedure to add someone as
> co-maintainer is. I am the maintainer of a package, and would like to
> add the name of another person (actually upstream author) as
> co-maintainer. I guess I will have to file an RFH bug in wnpp, but how
> do I add the co-maintainer and close it?


No, you don't need to file a wnpp bug.  Those bugs are there for informational
reasons, and there's no important (in the sense that it avoids double work)
information in "this guy is going to help me".

You can add a co-maintainer by putting his name (and e-mail) in the
"Uploaders:" field in debian/control.  The result of that is that uploads
which have him as the changelog author will not be considered NMUs.

Bas Wijnen

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