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Re: RFS : kscoreticker

Hello Varun,

>      I am looking for a sponser for my package kscoreticker. KScoreTicker is a simple applet for KDE that shows the latest cricket scores on the taskbar. I am the developer of this package and I would like to maintain it as well. The package builds with pbuilder and is lintian free.
>     The package can be downloaded from this site:
> http://www.ae.iitm.ac.in/~ae03b032/package_debian.php

I've taken a look; unfortunately I can't upload your package but I hope
this is still useful. Here's some things that I found:

* README.Debian contains just a package description. That's not
  necessary, please remove it: README.Debian is intended for important
  information that users really should read before using the package.
  Keeping unimportant information there discourages people to actually
  read those files.

* debian/dirs contains usr/bin and usr/sbin while you don't seem
  to install anything in those dirs at all.

* debian/rules contains many commented-out debhelper commands. Please
  remove them to unclutter the file.

* You include an manpage.1.ex example file, this is just a leftover
  from dh_make, please remove.

If you fix these things, I think the package would be acceptable for
Debian, good work!


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