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Re: Debian Themes

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 07:11, Indraveni wrote:
> Hello Sir,
>   We are creating a Linux distribution based on
> Debian. For that I want to create our own themes. I am
> having only the images. Now I want to know how i can
> proceed to create a theme and  make it the default
> theme when I install my own distribution.
>   I came to now some basice regarding this, that I
> need to create an icon theme. metacity theme and GTK
> theme. for this. But I am not knowing how I should
> start for this. how can I build them and wher eI need
> to place them. Do I need to modify in gnome-themes or
> gnome-extras-themes package OR build a new pacakage.
>  Please guide me in tihis aspect. How I shd start?

You want to take a look at:
- desktop-base (provides debian-related artwork and themes, only
  automatically applied for gnome at this point, background image and
  splashscreen only at this point)
- wishlist bug #348702 which has a patch to make the desktop-base stuff
  apply to XFCE and KDE
- desktop-profiles, provides a mechanism to add custom configuration sets
  for the different desktop environments. 
  Usefull keywords to find information on how to create the custom
  configurations are 'configuration sources' (GNOME/gconf), profiles (KDE)
  basedirs (freedesktop/XFCE), Choices (ROX), domains (GNUSTEP)

P.S. the debian-desktop or debian-custom lists are probably more on topic
     regarding this kind of thing
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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