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RFS: libibverbs, libmthca - InfiniBand libraries

Hi, I'm searching for a sponsor for libibverbs and libmthca packages.
These libraries allow applications to take advantage of the direct
userspace access to InfiniBand hardware that is supported in kernels
2.6.13 and newer via the ib_uverbs module.

This is my second request for a sponsor; I posted another request
about six months ago in September 2005, but the upstream packages were
not ready then, since the libraries were at -rc versions and their API
was not frozen.  Since then there has been an official 1.0 release
(libibverbs is at 1.0.1, and libmthca at 1.0) with a frozen API, so I
believe that (assuming the Debian packaging is OK) these packages are
now ready for inclusion in Debian.

Typical consumers of these libraries would be high-performance cluster
software.  For example, there are two MPI implementations:


that use these libraries to get extremely high performance on
InfiniBand clusters.

The sources to the packages can be downloaded from

The packages work well for me and are lintian and linda clean.  I am
the upstream for the libraries, and I'm committed to continuing to
maintain the Debian packaging.

Please let me know if there's any way I can improve the packages, or
if more information is required.


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