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Re: RFS: vamps

On Monday 13 March 2006 22:58, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Looks good.  I am willing to upload at this point.  I just have one more
> thing I noticed, and I wanted to let you decide if you want to fix it
> now before doing so.
> The only issue I see now is that the CFLAGS set in debian/rules are
> being ignored.  You can either export them or pass them in the call to
> make, like:
> export CFLAGS
> or
> It's a fairly minor issue, but I see no point in having options set and
> then ignored, as it seems like a path to confusion later.  Let me know
> if you want this version uploaded as is, that's fine, or tell me to wait
> and upload the fixed version.
I didn't use these flags, because I think that default flags set by the 
upstream author are fine...
this variable is a refuse... I'll remove it in the next release ;-)

Thank you in advice :D


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