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Re: [Q:] Which tool creates the DEBIAN subdirectory

Am Montag, 13. März 2006 11:04 schrieb Bas Wijnen:
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 10:21:35AM +0100, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > Am Montag, 13. M?rz 2006 02:28 schrieb Joe Smith:
> > > "Rainer Dorsch" <rdorsch@web.de> wrote in message
> > > [🔎] 200603122252.13092.rdorsch@web.de">news:[🔎] 200603122252.13092.rdorsch@web.de...
> > >
> > > > Hello,
> > > >
> > > > I tried to package cpuinfo but it seems that the files in debian/tmp
> > > > did not make it into the .deb file:
> > >
> > > debian/tmp is only used if debian/compat does not exist or contains
> > > '1'. My guess is that your package has some other value in
> > > debian/compat. If that is the case, install to to debian/<package>
> > > (replacing package with the name of the binary package) instead of
> > > debian/tmp.
> When using debhelper, dh_install will do that for you sortof automatically.
> If you have defined a binary package foo in debian/control, and there is a
> file debian/foo.install, then putting this in dh_install:

I did not have a debian/foo.install. I am wondering, if I need to all all 
files manually in debian/foo.install... So I would put the files in 
debian/tmp (using the DESTDIR variable in the makefile) and the copy it from 
debian/tmp to debian/foo by listing all files in debian/foo.install and 
running dh_install? Installing directly into debian/foo looks like a shortcut 
to me and listing all files in debian/foo.install looks like tedious work to 
me, but maybe I miss something...

> debian/tmp/usr/bin/bar
> will install that file to the same path, minus "debian/tmp/", if it is at
> the start, in debian/foo.  Of course there's nothing against doing that by

Hmm... what you do mean with if it is at the start, the start of what?

> hand, but I like this approach, so I think it's good that it is mentioned.
> :-)

> In fact, your build must have warned you about all the files in debian/tmp,
> because you use the --list-missing option.

Yes, it did warn...

> For more details, see the dh_install manpage.
> > That was a hit, many thanks. debian/compat contained 4, installing to
> > debian/cpuinfo solved the problem.
> >
> > Is there documentation on debian/compat? Apparently dh_make generated
> > this file...
> It's the compatibility level used by debhelper.  In general, it's a good
> idea to use the latest version (which is currently 5) or at least the
> version in stable (which is currently 4).  Older versions are less
> featureful, and since few people use them they may not actually work as
> they should. :-)  See the debhelper manpage for details.

I am experimenting on sarge right now...so 4 seems to be right for me.


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