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Re: RFS: firefox-greasemonkey

Michael Spang wrote:

> Package name    : firefox-greasemonkey
> Version         : 0.6.4
> Upstream Author : Aaron Boodman
> URL             : http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/
> License         : No restrictions
> Description     : firefox extension which enables customization of
> webpages with user scripts
> Greasemonkey allows users of the Firefox web browser to create or
> download
> user scripts which  modify the content or behavior of web sites. It
> provides a
> powerful way to personalize the web. The scripts are written in
> Javascript and
> have access to many of Firefox's features. A large collection of
> prewritten scripts
> can be found at userscripts.org

I posted this back in December of 2005. Are any sponsors who missed the
original interested?
The ITP is #341915 and the package is at

Michael Spang

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