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Re: Question about rules file

Got it, thanks.

Russ Allbery wrote:
Martin Kelly <aomighty@gmail.com> writes:

I will look over all the suggestions. They help clear up some confusions
I was having.

So, subdirectories in ./debian/ is how you specify where to install
everything? To install some files in /usr/sbin, I just put those files
in ./debian/usr/sbin? If so, that is very nice and simple.

Not exactly, but almost.  You put them into debian/<package>/usr/sbin
where <package> is the name of the package you're building.  This becomes
important when you have a source package that builds multiple binary

Note that you don't *have* to use this convention.  dpkg-deb --build takes
a directory of files in that layout plus some special files for control
information and builds a Debian package out of it.  You can, in theory,
point it anywhere you wish.  However, it's best to use that convention
since it's almost universal among the packaging tools and it's what
everyone is used to.  Also, if you use debhelper (most people seem to,
either directly or through cdbs), it assumes that convention.

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