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gaim-snapshot (possible) newbie question


I'm trying to apply to the NM program so this whole email is quite
newbie-ish. I've been making some gaim debs for the cvs version lately.
It's quite stable and usable by now. Can this be a good candidate for
It "Conflict"'s with gaim so that if you don't want gaim 1.5 removed you
can just prevent gaim-snapshot from installing if you don't want it.

I made a deb for gaim-libnotify too. Now it's not that featureful but it
can be a suitable replacement for guifications. The .deb required some
patches in the code and in the "configure" script (the it.po translation
I sent to the maintainer was not included in the configure.ac file), and
I don't know if I made some formal mistakes, it seems to work quite well

Can anybody review (and hopefully upload) those? I have nor sponsors nor
advocates, by now.

deb http://kuolema.kicks-ass.org/deb ./
deb-src http://kuolema.kicks-ass.org/deb ./ # sources included too :)

The names are gaim-snapshot[,-data,-dev,-libnotify]


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