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Re: RFC/RFS: ...

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 09:56:16 -0500
Justin Pryzby <justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> I find "brainf*ck" and "b*tchx" somewhat harsh myself, and so renaming
> doesn't bother me.  But I think it would f'ing suck if you couldn't
> apt-cache search for the package by its real name, so it makes me
> happy that l-b-p provides a (virtual) package with that name, and that
> apt-cache search DWIW.

But also using a trick similar to the one used for l-b-p, there is still a
package whose name contains the offending word "brainfuck".

If not, an user searching for a brainfuck interpreter/compiler will never find
a matching package. This is just bad, IMHO: the end user often doesn't know
the exact name of a package providing some sort of capability, but he just
searches "audio", "player", "mp3" or similar to find out a suitable program.

I think that, given a package *named* "bitchx" already exists in Debian, a
package whose *name* contains the term "brainfuck" and beef contains the term
"brainfuck" only in its *description* but not in its name, there is no sense
leaving it out.

I could be wrong, anyway.


KiyuKo <eof AT kiyuko DOT org>
"Like Russian Rulette with six bullets loaded"

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