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Re: RFC/RFS: libswixml-java: a small GUI generating engine for Java applications and applets

> License:
>  5. Products derived from this software may not be called "Swixml",
>  nor may "Swixml" appear in their name, without prior written
>  permission from the Swixml Project Management.

It was quickly pointed out to me that this clause in the license may
prevent me from calling the package libswixml-java.

Do others think this is true?  Is this a "Product derived from this
software"?  Or is this the product itself?  I guess this is software
derrived.  I had to modify the .orig.tar.gz btw in order to
remove .jar's and to reomve their non-free icons, which i guess really
pushes it into the "derived" category.

Should I just request permission from the Swixml Project Management?  Or
does that still get us into problems?

Or should i just rename the package?  and If I do, to what?


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