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Re: Who I contact to remove one package from Debian ?


* José Carlos do Nascimento <josecarlos.nascimento@varig.com> [060306 22:52]:

> Im mantainer of *visualboyadvance package and I need to remove it from 
> debian.
> This package doesnt compile with g++-4.0 or g++-3.4.  It just compile 
> with g++-3.3.
> g++3  will be discontinued in Etch. And VBA is last package that still 
> need g++3
> I tried to contact upstreamer, but project seems dead :(

That's the job of the ftp-master.  Just fill a bug against
ftp.debian.org and set something like "RM: visualboyadvanc -- RoM; dead
upstream, RC-buggy, needs old gcc" (RM=="remove", RoM=="reqyest
of maintainer) as subject.  That should do fine.

Yours sincerely,


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