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Re: new and some about me


On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 11:49:48 +0100
mike_debian@web.de wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 06:48:22 +0900
> "Melita Mihaljevic" <melita.mihaljevic@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi, I'm new here and I supose I should say something about myself. Ok
> > my name is Melita, but many people called me Gizmo. I'm student of
> > Computing science at College of engineering and coputer science in
> > croatia. I'm second year. I know some C programming but I programmed
> > things needet for college homeworks. the best thig I had done is
> > simulating priority queue in C. Also I learned some perl and I try to
> > learn some Perl.
> I'm lerning C++, I'm at the beginning of lerning, but I think, later in time I 
> would like to help Debian in Development, if i can! Debian is the best in the
> world, because it's free in whole things of associations! It's really very
> nice to know someone, who has got the same ideas and same philosophie!!!

  It's not required to be a programmer to help Debian, there is a lot of other areas where help is needed and welcomed. A few examples: translations, documentation. See the link provided by Linas in the previous response for more.
> > I'm passioned in Linux, exspecially I like Debian because I feel the
> > most free working on it.
> > I would like to develop things some day, but now I would like to learn
> > as much is I can.
> I would like to do this on the same way, but I don't know how!??!?!
> Maybe you can contact me privatly, then we can plan somethink for the
> Development in Debian!!!

  Debian is an open community, you can plan almost anything you want in the appropriate public mailing list. And if no appropriate list exists a new one can be created too :-)

  You can start in this one if in doubt, we can always move to a more suitable one later. Feel free to suggest anything you think is interesting for Debian in public.

  Ricardo Mones.  

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