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Re: RFS: griffith -- A film collection manager

On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 19:15 +0100, Piotr Ozarowski wrote:
> Laszlo Boszormenyi (gcs@lsc.hu):
> > close your ITP with this line; also it goes to unstable and not stable.
> It is closed in line 37 (package v0.4.2+cvs20050923-1)
> Should I move it to the most recent version?
 It is not a must, I can upload from that version if you want.

> I splitted Griffith into 2 packages. Griffith-extra-artwork contains
> non-GPL files. Package can be downloaded from here[1]
 Ah, OK. But copyright is very general, it won't make into Debian.

> Should I change version to 0.6-2 or can I release package (with fixed
> above issues) again as 0.6-1 ?
 Until it's not uploaded, you can remain at 0.6-1, yes.
Do you know mcatalog maybe? How is griffith different from it? OK,
mcatalog is a dotNet application, which needs mono under Linux; but I
mean functionality differences.


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