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Program for creating and managing APT repositories


I am not quite sure it is the best place to post this, but anyway.

I wrote a Python script to create and manage APT repositories which has
the following features:

  - supports repositories with a structure almost identical to that of
    the Debian archive, with distributions, the main/contrib/non-free
    sections and package pools (the only difference being that I thought
    the structure pool/p/packagename/<files> was overkill for
    reasonably-sized distributions, and therefore used
    pool/packagename/<files> instead);

  - can create and sign the master Release file for a distribution,
    which allows APT 0.6 and later to trust (authenticate) the
    repository after checking the GnuPG signature of the master Release

  - rudimentary command-line interface to remove packages from the
    Sources[.gz,.bz2] and Packages[.gz,.bz2] files;

  - can automatically replicate the repositories to one or several local
    or remote locations (for the remote case: with scp and ssh[1]).

That's it. It is adequate to my way of working, and I'd be happy if it
could be useful to someone else.

The program is documented at http://people.debian.org/~frn/fmdr.txt
    and can be downloaded at http://people.debian.org/~frn/fmdr

Happy hacking.

  [1] ssh is needed because scp blindly follows symbolic links.


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