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Re: RFP - package: Looking for a Sponsor!!

Hello Francesco,

I'm not a DD yet, but I've reviewed your package anyway and here are
some comments:

> This package is in the Requested Packages list:
> RFP: libtime-unix-perl -- cross-platform time() for Perl	
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=290136

You should retitle this bug from "RFP" to "ITP" to make it clear that
someone is working on this. See here for more info:
You should also close this bug in your changelog.

From the package description:
It talks about a "below RFC" which is not present in that description.
It also says that it's indended mainly as a proof of concept. Would it
be useful to include a proof of concept in Debian or are there real
scripts using this module?

The last sentence is: "This doesn't do anything useful on UNIX
platforms, so don't do that.". So, I should not use this package in
Debian? Then why is it in Debian? Either change this sentence or do not
package the module :)

And some tweaks: you are encouraged to remove commented-out dh_ lines
from debian/rules, and you could consider upgrading to debhelper
compatibility level 5 since that's the recommended release.


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