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RFS: unrar-free -- Unarchiver for .rar files

Hi all,

I'm looking for a sponsor for the following package:

  ITP:            : #302896
  Package name    : unrar-free
  Version         : 0.0.1+cvs20060228
  Upstream Author : Jeroen Dekkers, Ben Asselstine
  URL             : https://gna.org/projects/unrar
  License         : GPL
  Description     :  Unrar can extract files from .rar archives.
     Can't handle archives in the RAR 3.0 format,
     only the non-free "unrar" package can do that

* I know this package is controversy to be removed or not as described
in bug #312552.
But I need this package because I have some small rar 2.0 archives which
were made under DOS, and this package just fit the needs.
Second, according to popcon.debian.org, there's near 100 people using
this package frequently. So I think it's still worthy to adopt this package.

* Another problem is the replacement of non-free unrar.
I don't think it's the time to do it now.
I'm also a member of the upstream project and I know we still cannot
compete with the non-free unrar right now due to lack of many important
functions. Since this package is a harmless one because it doesn't
conflict with unrar-nonfree, it should be able to keep it in main.

I've already upload this package into
Please give me advices if I made any mistakes
and please sponsor me if possible.


                                                PaulLiu(Ying-Chun Liu)
E-mail address:PaulLiu.bbs@bbs.cis.nctu.edu.tw

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