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Re: RFS: tinyscheme

* Panu Kalliokoski <atehwa@sange.fi> [2006-02-28 22:19]:
> Upstream Author: Dimitrios Souflis <dsouflis@acm.org>
> Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.0.0), stx2any
> Package: tinyscheme
> Architecture: any
> Description: Very small scheme implementation
>  TinyScheme is an implementation that aims to very small memory
>  footprint while being as close to R5RS as practically feasible.
>  TinyScheme is also a good base for hacking, given the implementation's
>  small size, easy glueing with C and code being fully reentrant.  There
>  is also a project, Schemix, that embeds TinyScheme in the Linux kernel.

I only checked your package and here are my comments:
- Your changelog file closes no ITP bug in BTS, it should
- your standards version is not the current, please check 
  your package with current policy and adjust the number
- check your files with ispell, afaik it should be 
  stand-alone instead of standalone
- Fill in the Copyright field in copyright file, its not the 
  same as license
- uncomment not needed comments in rules file
- your package dependencies are broken, there is no package
  named stx2any in debian
Kind regards Nico
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