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Re: RFS: FSlint - File System lint

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 05:04:30PM +0000, P??draig Brady wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been maintaining FSlint for a few years now
> and it has proved quite popular. There have even
> been (buggy) thirdparty debian packages floating around.
> In the latest version (2.14) I have created a debian package,
> and it would be create if someone could sponsor this
> package for inclusion in debian.
You might separate the source package into a .orig.tar.gz and a
.diff.gz (or might not).

You might want to consider adding doc/* to the call to dh_install doc,
rather than in a separate file.

Please add the years of development to the copyright file.

Remove the comments from the watchfile.

Long description suggestion: replace "duplicate files for e.g." with
"for example, duplicate files.".

As for the scripts themselves, you are using #!/bin/sh, but
bash-specific features such as:

 [ .. == .. ] should be just [ .. = .. ]
 . foo bar; "bar" is not guaranteed to be passed as $1

Test your scripts with posh or dash, or change them to use #!/bin/bash


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