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Re: RFS: sysinfo -- Simple GTK program that shows some UNIX/Linuxsystem information

* Adrian Peters <apeeters@lashout.net>
> I am looking for a sponsor for sysinfo [1], detailed info below. I

Uff, that needs much of memory for compiling. (Most probably that gtkmm

As it is a C++ program, you should set CXXFLAGS and not CFLAGS,
also -Wl,-z,defs is a LDFLAGS option and not a CFLAGS one.
(That is a mistake inherited from dh_make)

It misses an Debian menu entry.

The short descriptions starts in upper case up, where
it should be a lower case. ("Description: simple GTK program ...").

The manpage looks incorrect. It says that there are no command
line options, while there are all the common command line options
of gtk applications.

The AUTHORS file lists some contributors and most likely the
copyright holder for the images, which does not show up
in the debian/copyright file.

The .orig.tar.gz is really in bad shape, not only are there config.log
and such files in there, it also contains a src/Makefile.am that is
newer than the src/Makefile.in. (And differs in AM_CFLAGS, which
also contains -Wall and -g which are in my eyes not suitable for
AM_CFLAGS. (But it does not harm there, either, as CFLAGS is not
used as those are c++ files)
The PACKAGE_LOCALE_DIR in src/Makefile* referenced some
notexisting $(DATADIRNAME), causing PACKAGE_LOCALE_DIR set to 
/usr/locale. On the second look, PACKAGE_LOCALE_DIR is not used
either, so this just pollutes the build log.

The lspci information fields are truncated (they begin like
"dge: Intel" or "ace: Intel" or "ler: Trident".) Perhaps my
lspci output has too short/long slot ids for the fixed 21 character
truncation it does.

	Bernhard R. Link

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