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looking for a Sponsor

Dear sir,
            It is my greatest pleasure to send you this message.
  I am 26 years of age a Ghanaian from West Africa.I repair radios and
television. I completed  2001, because of my financial problems,I don't have my own
shop Presently, one of my friends is helping me.I work with him but my payment is not enough.I' ve decided to have my own shop to work in, a medium size container the price of the container and the place where I will put it and electrical connection of it, all will cost me about; two thousand U.S dollars but I do not have anyone who will sponsor me to do it.One day I was  doing my searching on the Internet and I got Your information on the website something touched my heart to email you.Please I would appreciate it,if you could offer me the opportunity.
 I hope to hear from you soon. 
                                                                                    Yours   faithfully,  
                                                                                     John    Aikinns.   


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