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Re: RFS: libopenobex (also includes openobex-apps and ircp)


Hendrik Sattler schrieb:

> The new package can be found at:
> http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~ubq7/debian/

> The source package got renamed (libopenobex1.0 -> libopenobex) as it was once 
> (in oldstable) and the binary packages got renamed, too (libopenobex-1.0-0 ->
> libopenobex1). The naming is thus consistent with the libpkg-guide.

Is the API/ABI sufficiently stable? I see that the Debian patch
introduces a new parameter to a function.

> I also notified the maintainer of ircp but did not get any answer so far. 
> However, I included any patches of the previously seperated packages. The 
> patches are handled by quilt (no build-time patching).

There are two issues I have with that:

1. If it's going to end up in a separate package anyway, there is no
point in pulling in source code from other projects as a patch. I
believe this to be too broad a change for a simple package. If it is a
separate project, it is a separate package. If it is not, it should be
contained in the upstream source already (on the very extreme side of
that, when I packaged spandsp I packaged the library on its own and
added the "example" code, a bunch of asterisk plugins, by creating a
tarball from the loose files that were on the author's website).

2. Every file that is added is contained three times in the diff (look
at the diffstat output), once for quilt's hidden directory, once for
debian/patches and once for the actual file being patched.

Also, there still are a number of lintian warnings.

> I hope that someone can sponsor this new version; getting obexftp-0.19 also 
> uploaded would be a bonus :)

I could see a bit of merit in getting this package into unstable sooner
than later, to allow the depending packages to adapt and bugs be ironed
out before the release. As I don't see any policy violations or
regressions from a quick glimpse over the package, I might be persuaded
to upload this still (after a more thorough check) and file bugs for the
issues remaining.

> I also plan on packaging other OBEX related packages, e.g. wnpp bug #238314.

Are you by chance interested in taking over ussp-push as well?


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