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Re: Depending on both runtime and dev packages?

Davide Puricelli wrote:

> Hi, I'm building a package (a Scheme-to-C compiler) and I split it into
> three different debs: libfoo0 (runtime libs), libfoo-dev (.a and .la
> files and includes) and foo-bin (compiler and other tools).
> The depends are a big problem: foo-bin needs to depend on libfoo0
> (otherwise the compiler won't run) but without the -dev package you
> won't be able to convert a Scheme file into a C one, so a Depends on
> libfoo-dev is needed, too: I don't think someone will ever use a program
> just to see the -help screen.

I think there is no problem.  It seems perfectly OK to me for the
compiler package to depend upon both the runtime lib and the development
package for the language.  For instance, the package g77-3.4 (a FORTRAN
compiler) depends upon the development version of the FORTRAN library,
libg2c0-dev, because that package is necessary to compile FORTRAN
programs.  (It doesn't depend upon the libg2c0 runtime package, but that
is because g77 is not itself written in FORTRAN.)

best regards,

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