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Re: questions and questions

Hi Jim

On Monday 06 February 2006 13:55, Jim wrote:

> I was curious if there was some work I could help contribute too ... I
> have a few hours a week to spare and would really like to contribute if
> I can reasonably.
Thanks for your offer,  you are welcome.
There are a lot of possibilities where you can contribute.
You can help to translate, you can find a new software which you want to 
debianize (package) and then ask for a sponsor to get it into Debian archive, 
or you can look at the WNPP bugs and help to fix them by packaging, or you 
can look at the Release Critical (RC) Bugs and find out how to solve them and 
then attach a patch so that the maintainer can easily apply the patch and fix 
the problem or you can join subprojects of Debian and help them
(a good choice is Debian-Edu, if you want to contribute there just write a 
mail to debian-edu@l.d.o. or to me ;) ) but there are also other subprojects 
in Debian where you can help.
The question is where you are interested in.

> I am not familiar with how you track bugs etc with debian ... so be
> gentle I may need some ramp up time :-)
No worries.
You find nice HowTos on http://www.debian.org/Bugs/

Hope this helps you to make your decision.

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