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RFS: tams -- program for qualitative analysis of marked-up text (ITP bug# 349837)

* Package name    : tams
  Version         : 2.79
  Upstream Author : Matthew Weinstein <mweinste@kent.edu>
* URL             : http://tamsys.sourceforge.net
* License         : GPL
  Description     : program for qualitative analysis of marked-up text

 TAMS is simply a way of marking up documents so that a program
 can then turn it into a database file for further analysis.
 Unlike other qualitative research tools which try to be all
 things to all people, TAMS follows Unix “do one thing and do it
 well” policy: it transforms marked-up text into data that can be
 analyzed by other tools. Before that can happen, however, the
 text has to be coded. Word processor for text entry and coding
 Database software for analysis! 


I already maintain with sponsor one package (vim-vimoutliner) so I should
have some experience with doing that. However, this package is currently
unmaintained upstream (although, upstream developer promised to help with
possible bugs), so I will have to do some work (and I already did --
porting to libstdc++6).

Thanks for help,


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/blog/
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