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Re: ITP vexim

This one time, at band camp, Daniel Knabl said:
> Am Sun, 22 Jan 2006 14:44:59 -0500 schrieb Justin Pryzby
> > How do you deal with the exim4 "conf.d" model vs the exim4.conf model?
> Please look at the previous paragraphs. ;-)

Why don't you just create an entire seperate conf.d structure and tell
people to use the -d switch in /etc/default/exim?  I filed a bug and
the exim guys graciously added it in for exactly this sort of thing.  We
ship an inhouse anti-spam wonder configurator gizmo that just uses
another directory, and then we switch update-exim4 to use that directory
instead of /etc/exim4.  Works a charm.
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