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patches application

I made an update of a Debian package: zope2.9
The source is here:

deb ftp://infogerance.locataire-serveur.info/debian/ testing main
deb-src ftp://infogerance.locataire-serveur.info/debian/ testing main
deb ftp://infogerance.locataire-serveur.info/debian/ unstable main
deb-src ftp://infogerance.locataire-serveur.info/debian/ unstable main

I have a problem on it:
The patch located in 'debian/patches' is not applied.
What could I do to diagnosys the reason the patch is not applied?
I just took my inspiration from the zope2.8 package and then made the
modifications by hand (I did not just sed 's/2.8/2.9' or such awfull
the structure of the package is the quite the same (as zope2.8)... Well
I dont see why...
Please would you help?
Thank you.

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