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Re: R-F-NMU: saods9: imtool for astronomy -- #344317: kubuntu patch

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Justin Pryzby wrote:
>>>This is a request for an NMU, or 1-time sponsorship, whichever you
>>>prefer.  Aurelien is typically busy; I don't see the need to bug him
>>>for a 1 line patch :)
>>>Please apply the patch given at #344317: "saods9: fix for FTBFS in
>>>kubuntu dapper and breezy".
>>>  http://bugs.debian.org/344317
> I can get this for you today if no one else has already volunteered.
> I'll start building it as an NMU now -- just let me know ASAP if someone
> else has beaten me to the punch.

saods9 4.0b7-1.1 just uploaded.

best regards,

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