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RE: RFS: directnet -- A serverless, mesh network instant messaging client

On Tue, January 3, 2006 09:47, Gregor Richards wrote:
> I updated the package to 1.0.0.  The version compare algorithm doesn't
> like it ... it thinks that 1.0.0 is less than 1.0.0rc5 ... but that's not
> how release candidates work :)

That's indeed a caveat on the Debian version compare algorithm. When
you're packaging a release candidate, you normally should watch out for
adding 'rcN' to the version to avoid being able to update it to the real
version later.

What's done commonly is something like this: 0.9.9+1.0.0rc5, or for a
higher version: 2.4.3+2.4.4rc1. So you take the version number one lower,
you concatenate the real version with a plus in between. The algorithm
will handle this correctly and the archive will accept a subsequent upload
of 1.0.0 or 2.4.4 proper.


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