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Re: RFS: libmemcache_1.4.0.b9-1

Hi Zakame,

> Hence, I'm needing a sponsor for this package.  I hope for your positive
> reply, and contructive comments are very much welcome!!!

Unfortunately I can't upload your package, but a quick review showed me
that the copyright file talks about Ubuntu everywhere, like in "This is
the Ubuntu package for libmemcache", "On Ubuntu GNU/Linux systems, the
complete text of the GNU General...". Is this on purpose? It might
confuse Debian users.

And just a tiny note, you indicate the standards version as,
it's very common to leave off the last '.1', since increments in policy
on that level only contain textual changes. Hence your package will
comply with any 3.6.2.x policy, so listing 3.6.2 would be best.


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