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RFS: plotfoil, a utility for plotting airfoils

I'm looking for a sponsor for a deb-package of plotfoil.

This application is a tool for generating postscript-files of wing
sections, in a natural size specified by the user.
(It cannot do base64 encodings however :)
Large profiles are spread over several sheets which can be taped or
glued together.

Plotfoil is released by the upstream author Shamim Mohamed under GPL.

The tar-ball was downloaded from http://www.drones.com/plotfoil-3.3.tar.gz

>From the control file:

Description: tool for generating postscript-files of wing sections
 Plotfoil is a tool for generating postscript files of wing
 sections. Plotfoil has a GUI written in Tk/Tcl. In addition, plotfoil
 includes a set of tools for generating NACA 4 and 5-digit sections, a
 and mixing and editing foil shapes. There is also a large suite of
 predefined foil shapes.

The packaging is done with dbs. The binary package passes lintian
tests but there are some minor application problems (setting spars in
the Tk GUI).

The packaging specific files and patches are viewable on
(at least will be, after syncing tonight)

debs are available from
deb http://www.lennartsson.se/ debian/
deb-src http://www.lennartsson.se/ debian/


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