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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

On Friday 30 December 2005 7:11 am, skaller wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 05:17 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> > I'm in a similar situation - upstream developer and packager, applying to
> > be a DD.
> Unfortunately becoming a DD isn't an option for me personally,
> at least at the moment.

Until the NM backlog is cleared, I'd recommend applying now if you see any 
prospect of this changing in the next year. It could be at least 8 months 
before you get assigned an application manager and over a year before you 
become a DD. All you need is a package already in Debian via a sponsor and an 
advocate who is a DD - usually your sponsor would be more than happy to be 
your advocate too. (Plus a gnupg key signed by a DD but you'd probably need 
that for any of your other upload ideas too).

> I'm guessing other upstream authors with an interest in Debian
> packaging would find such guidelines useful if they existed,
> but I have no real idea what they should say.

I can't say. I'm happy with my non-native packages.

> I am not qualified to answer that BUT I can and have made some
> suggestions: entry level ability to upload a particular package
> could be granted by two DDs to the upstream developer or
> dedicated non-DD maintainer of a particular package.

Only once the initial packaging had been checked by a sponsor AND with some 
kind of stall built-in before it gets into the main pool! I run Debian 
unstable/experimental and it gets a little tricky sometimes - I have no 
desire to see that get worse.

Maybe your request could be better suited to *exclusive* experimental uploads. 
i.e. slightly more access to experimental than to unstable. There is no 
automatic path to unstable from experimental.

> They would have more authority than 'none' but much less
> than a DD. Exactly how much of what I don't know: enough
> to actually put the package in place and trigger an autobuild,

experimental won't necessarily do that.

> not enough to push the packaging into a place it might end up
> in the stable distro.

Uck. That sounds like you want a release-critical bug filed against your 
upload the minute it hits the archive.

> Such a role could also be a useful stepping stone for those
> wishing to become DDs .. and even help train an encourage
> people not initially wishing to do that to follow that path.

IMHO, sponsors are more than sufficient for this. What is REALLY necessary 
here is:
1. Quicker transit through the NM process
2. More sponsors

> > If it was quicker (not easier) to complete the NM process, would you
> > consider becoming a DD yourself?
> I don't think so. I do not really know enough about Debian
> to become a DD.

For most practical purposes, you'd at least need to be running Debian locally 
rather than Ubuntu. Not necessarily on your main workstation though. I try to 
help get my software packaged for FC and OSX by having those available for 
testing and providing sample packaging files in CVS.

> My personal focus is on programming languages 
> and software development, not packaging or distro building.

My primary focus is on the upstream development but that includes at least 
some packaging. I've done nothing on the distribution itself, just try to 
make sure my packages aren't the ones to cause release problems!

You must have an interest in packaging or you wouldn't be here, if only that 
your software needs to be packaged to find those users. It may not be your 
primary focus, but it does need to be considered.


Neil Williams

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