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RFS: bmeps, command line tool for converting bitmap images to eps-files

I'm looking for a sponsor for a set of deb-packages of bmeps and the libraries.

This application is a tool to convert various bitmaps to
eps-format. It is released by the upstream author Dirk Krause under
LGPL. The upstream web-site is at http://bmeps.sourceforge.net.

>From the control file:
 The bmeps packages contain tools for converting bitmap images to
 eps-files. Currently bmeps can handle .pnm, .ppm, .pgm, .pbm, .jpeg,
 and .png images.  The conversion functions are also available in
 library form.

The debian packaging is split into a library, a binary, a documentation,
and a -dev package. It is packaged with dbs.

The packaging specific parts and files are viewable on
(at least will be, after syncing tonight)

debs are available from
deb http://www.lennartsson.se/ debian/
deb-src http://www.lennartsson.se/ debian/


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