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Re: RFS: sysinfo -- simple GNU/Linux program that displays computer/system information

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 10:06:29AM +0100, Adriaan Peeters wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 10:25 -0500, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> > On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 03:37:19PM +0100, Mario Iseli wrote:
> > > On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 14:13 +0100, Adriaan Peeters wrote:
> > > > Hello,
> > > > 
> > > > I am looking for a sponsor for sysinfo [1], detailed info below. I
> > > > already have two packages in Debian: dnstop and sipcalc.
> > What is wrong is to have the .diff apply changes to generated code
> > (such as ./Makefile in an autoconfed tree).
> Because I run autoconf before packaging, I guess it is not possible to
> use dpatch for my Makefile.am file. And the changes to Makefile.in are
> the result of running autoconf, so using dpatch for that would be really
> wrong.
Okay, right.  This might be what Mario intended.

> > > debian/copyright:
> > > It was downloaded from <http:/...> (the crocodiles cannot be ommited).
> > > Why everywhere those asterisks?
> > Huh?  Are you looking for the full URL?  Since its an sf.net download
> > page, I think this is the best way.  See bugs and discussion linked to
> > at:
> > 
> >   http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2005/12/msg00035.html
> We are talking about the watch file right, not copyright? I updated the
> watch file with the comments from the above url.
Both, kind of..  The problem is that linking to a given sf.net host
for the sourceball doesn't work, because some hosts don't accept, or
actively reject, connections from IP blocks not geographically near
that server (or something).

So IMO it would be best to link to the base project homepage in the
copyright file, possibly also including _a_ URL to a single sf.net
mirror (even thought it wont necessarily work for everyone).

The watch file should use the http://qa.debian.org/watch/sf.php

> For the url in copyright: why are those lt and gt signs needed?
I don't know anything about that :)

Clear skies,

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