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RFS: Patches available for user-mode-linux, kernel-patch-uml

Hi guys,
a couple of weeks ago I submitted some patches in order to make the
user-mode-linux support, as well as kernel-patch-uml, a bit more "actual"
and to help the people, who would like to try this technology, available
for sarge kernels.
This means that user-mode-linux was knowingly not included in sarge
beacuse of the kernel supported was obsolete.
I currently use UML and I would like to make it newly available, so I
tryed to make some patch to support:

- kernel 2.4.27 : this affects user-mode-linux and kernel-patch-uml
  packages (Bug #339086 for kernle-patch-uml, #339094 for user-mode-linux);
- kernel 2.6.12 : this affects user-mode-linux again, but this is an
  "upgrade" of the previous, because for earlier kernel version UM support
  is automatically included in the kernel bundle by the kernel upstream
  team (Bug #339303).

I posted my patches to wnpp list and bts.
I am however aware that the current maintainer, Matt Zimmerman, is pretty
busy and maybe difficult for him to have a look at them.
So I was wondering how to manage this situation, without charging the
maintainer of excessive work load.
I currently am NM process applicant, so I am not allow to upload the
packages by myself.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance



PS: the package are available at:

deb http://etinarcadiaego.dyndns.org/~ste/debian/ ./
deb-src http://etinarcadiaego.dyndns.org/~ste/debian/ ./

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