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Re: RFS: cdrbq -- graphical cd burning frontend

On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 11:28:29PM +0100, Mario Iseli wrote:
> Package: 	cdrbq
> Version: 	1.23-1
> Author:		Brad Hudson <domito@yahoo.ca>
> License:	GPL
> ITP:		336520
> Description: graphical cd bunring frontend
> cdrbq is a nice GUI for burning CDs. It is written in TCL and is very
> userfriendly. The old name of cdrbq was cdrtoaster, the developers
> decided some time ago to change the name.
Are there reasons not to maintain cdrtoaster instead (even if using
the new package "cdrbq" under the old name)?

At least, I would suggest to Provide: cdrtoaster, and provide a
/usr/bin/ symlink somehow.  I think Provides will cause users to
transparently upgrade to cdrbq if cdrtoaster is eventually removed.

Clear skies,

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