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Re: [gmail] Re: sponsor quake3 quake3-data packages

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 09:09:59PM +0100, Marc Leeman wrote:
> > Right; You can also do whatever you want to a file whose name is
> > outputted by a successful invocation of mktemp, but note that this
> > probably wont play nice with wget.  If fn=`mktemp`, and you wget -O
> > $fn, then wget will probably call its outupt $fn.1, since $fn exists
> > (as a requirement for this to be done safely way, it must be created
> > before the name is outputted).
> I decided to put the files in /root/ (like it was in the quake2
> package). The main reason for this is that the downloads are
> considerable and I can assume that users don't want to discard them as
> easily as a temp file (2x around 40 MB).
> AFAIK, this is also the strategy of realplayeri (when I still used
> it). Maybe there is a better location for such files.
Indeed /root/ feels like a bad place.  I would suggest /tmp/ or
something in /var/.  Maybe /var/cache/, because "information" isn't
"lost" if it gets deleted?

Clear skies,

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