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Re: RFS: unidesc - Tools for finding out what is in a Unicode file.

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 07:54:00PM +0100, Christoph Haas wrote:
> On Friday 04 November 2005 22:45, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> > I'd be glad if someone can sponsor me.
> > Here's my work: http://home.foolab.org/debs/unidesc/2.15.1/1/
> > ITP #337498
> Why is the orig.tar.gz different from the file found at 
> http://billposer.org/Software/Downloads/unidesc.tgz? I think it's just 
> permissions inside the tar.gz but I wonder why you repacked it.
> The debian/copyright is incomplete. Please add the year(s) of copyright.
> Otherwise the package looks good.

Thanks for the tips,

I don't really know why it's different
I tried to do it manually but the md5sum is still different.

 tar -zxf  unidesc-2.15.tgz
 cp -a unidesc-2.15.1 unidesc-2.15.1.orig
 cd unidesc-2.15.1
 cp -a ../foo/debian/ .
 dpkg-buildpackage  -rfakeroot

At the end they are still different!
md5sum  unidesc_2.15.1.orig.tar.gz unidesc-2.15.tgz
3133d430dfb2ac873aab63e0b74a2d12  unidesc_2.15.1.orig.tar.gz
757fa8c22e12e7af8fb330cca4632490  unidesc-2.15.tgz

What did I do wrong ?

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