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Re: RFS: Sirc -- A perl irc client

* Rudolf Weeber <rudolf@faveve.uni-stuttgart.de> [2005-10-31 08:23]:
> Sirc was offered for adoption by the QA team. I prepared a new version,
> closing a few of the bugs filed against it.
> As I'm not yet a DD, I'm looking for someone to check it, and sponsor
> the upload, wehn everything is right.
> You cann Download it from:
> www.faveve.uni-stuttgart.de/~rudolf/sirc_2.211.orig.tar.gz
> www.faveve.uni-stuttgart.de/~rudolf/sirc_2.211-8.diff.gz

Since there are some more irc clients in debian, what is the 
difference to the others?
Regards Nico
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